Arts & Education

Continuing education and artistic development

Be part of a creative, energetic and resourceful community.

Engage in the arts and continuing education with a community of people who share similar interests. Hyde Park is the heart of Culture Coast, a collection of thriving arts and cultural communities spanning the South Side. With so many cultural and educational attractions and a variety of annual events in the summer and fall, residents find joy, camaraderie, meaning and purpose by getting involved. There are regular trips to places like the Chicago Shakespeare and Court theatres and the world-famous Museum of Science and Industry and the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House.
Creative and imaginative people thrive in this urban location with so much to see and do. Residents participate in things like:

  • Friday night speakers committee
  • Play reading and short story discussion groups
  • Musical performances and concerts (both on and off campus)
  • Film series (travel, art, music and more)
  • Trips to the Goodman, Court, Timeline, Shakespeare and Steppenwolf theaters

For more information, call us at (773) 753-4582 or complete the request form.